Saturday, April 11, 2015

Feel Better Friends Little Dove Sympathy Card

Back in November (2014) the creator of the non-profit Feel Better Friends charity contacted me through Etsy. She asked if she could use my Little Dove poem for their Feel Better Friends volunteer team. I gave her permission to use the verse and she created a beautiful sympathy card. I am thankful to be part of such a beautiful children's charitable organization.

What Feel Better Friends Does for Sick Children

The Feel Better Friends organization makes handmade dolls for children who are fighting illnesses such as cancer. These dolls are hand crafted with love to look just like the child. The children can bring their dolls with them to the hospital so they have their own little buddy with them. The children are very excited to receive these special dolls.

You can see photos of the children and their dolls on the official Feel Better Friends Facebook page. You can visit the Feel Better Friends website at to find out more about the charity. If you would like to volunteer to make dolls and doll clothing for sick children you can visit the volunteer page of their website to find out how to get started right away. You can find doll and doll clothing patterns posted on the Feel Better Friends Pinterest boards. If you are crafty please consider helping this wonderful charity out.

Little Dove 

Little dove I love you so,
but I know you had to go. 
So spread your wings 
and fly my love, soar above
the world my dove. 
Paint the sky in indigo,
let your gracegul colors
flow, and I'll search 
the sky for your rainbow. 

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