Saturday, July 27, 2019

Meet Me at Midnight Poem

Meet me at midnight
in the forest of my dreams,
we'll make a fire and count the stars
that shimmer above the trees.

- Christy Ann Martine

This poem is one of my personal favourites that I've written. I have seen it used on websites, wedding invitations and prom announcements. Unfortunately, many people fail to include my name with the poem. When these items are posted on the Internet they show up in Google search. When someone searches to see who the author of the Meet Me at Midnight poem is they end up seeing a whole lot of posts of the poem without my name on it which hurts me as the author. 

I kindly ask that if you like my Meet Me at Midnight poem and want to share please do not post it without including my author name. This is how poetry and quotes become "unknown author." I ask you to respect me as a writer and do the ethical thing, which is to give me credit for the work I've written. I do not allow anyone to sell my poetry and quotes so if you see someone selling this please let me know. I also do not allow my work to be included in books or songs without my permission and a written contract. Thank you for your support, I appreciate your help. 

~ Christy Ann Martine

Friday, July 27, 2018

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